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Korean TOP Writer, ‘Choi, Wan-kyu’, participates in new cryptocurrency drama as an exclusive creator

From early 2021, South Korea is looking to introduce new legislation that will make the incorporation of cryptocurrency at exchange rate markets legal. This is relatively unsurprising given the heavy rise of bitcoin investment from various commercial investors since the beginning of December 2020. (Full details can be found on the official website: www.kplay.net)

The world’s first cryptocurrency drama, Pumping Time, is set to air in May of 2021 and will enthusiastically explore the advantages and corporate truth of the cryptocurrency formula- detailing the most popular digital judicial currencies, the reality and significance of the various token economies around the world, and the plethora of government incentives that are likely to be behind such a revolutionary commercial move.

Pumping Time: What will it involve?

The drama is set to incorporate several different formatting methods into its production, including:

  1. a) special episodes – going up to 100 minutes each,

  2. b) regular broadcasts – going up to 30 minutes per episode, and

  3. c) theatrical presentations.

This is meant to proliferate the show’s online accessibility; by allowing the public to access the drama in whichever format they feel most comfortable in, the show’s producers are essentially incentivizing the average viewer to achieve an extremely high level of understanding of the complexities and benefits of the relatively inaccessible world of cryptocurrency- in a preferable and easy style.

Given the right demographic, the show is hoping to explore the most prevalent issues in the industry today. These include: a) the effect of major exchange rate markets in the economy, and b) the significance of digital currencies. Furthermore, they are looking to grant Cameo roles to the industry’s most relevant figures.

The drama will run for a total of 10 seasons, each containing 20 30-minute episodes.

Exploring the production team: Specialized in the cryptocurrency market?

Pumping Time is going to be the first ever cryptocurrency-related drama that is produced by a world-class production team- featuring a strong budget, a leading advisory team of industry experts, and a specialized head-writer that aims to develop an educational series whilst maintaining an unequivocal element of entertainment.

The main writer of the show- known as Choi, Wan-kyu, is an eminent block chain specialist who has vigorously dealt with cryptocurrency since 2017. A veteran in his field, Choi, Wan-kyu has produced several hit shows nation-wide, including:

  • All-in,

  • Iris,

  • Jumong,

  • General Hospital, and

  • Legend of Ambition.

The show is set to feature a rare, global collaboration between Korean, Chinese and U.S production companies- with K-Play Contents orchestrating the planning, production and budgeting of Pumping Time in conjunction with the prominent and industry-leading Korean company known as ‘Jam Stone’.

I expect that this drama will be an absolute masterpiece”, states Choi, Wan-kyu, the head producer of Pumping Time.

Exploring the show’s potential scope of relevance

Currently, over 100 million people around the world are regularly interacting with cryptocurrency in one way or another. Despite this, very few of them actually understand the prolific complexities of the industry- including how to sufficiently trade in cryptocurrency.

Pumping Time is consequently predicted to appeal to a very large audience- providing a beneficial service and feeling in a current market-gap within a relatively unknown and dynamic digital market.

Having said that, there are two other main reasons that the show’s producers have universally elected their format as the ideal way of targeting and analytically exploring the eminent cryptocurrency market:

Firstly, they believe that the significant global proliferation of Korean culture since the 1980s- known as the K-wave, has served as a clear indication of the range of people a cryptocurrency drama is likely to reach.

Lastly, Korean cryptocurrency investment constitutes roughly 30% of the industry’s global total- leading to a potentially loyal Korean audience that is likely to have an indirect vested interest in watching the show and consequently developing their personal knowledge and field-related expertise.

Choi, Wan-kyu has been noted to comment several times on the significance of the topic at hand, highlighting the importance of the ‘variety of dramatic elements’ in the industry and dictating how ‘pleased’ he is with the opportunity to compose such a revolutionary, wide-ranging drama that is likely to have a significant impact on a very prolific number of people.

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